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Inspiring Creativity

Three Reasons why T&C

Impressions beyond Expectations
I want you to try to imagine an experience difficult to imagine, a world beyond the mundane reality in which we live.

A world that enters through the five senses and becomes an unforgettable memory in the mind, reaches out to the heart to make it beat in tune and reaches down to the feet, bringing them back to that world time and time again.

This is our world, the world of T&C: The world that we will build for you.


Tatsuo Akiba
Japan, Tokyo
CEO & Chief Designer

As a fond traveller with an acute interest in culture, architecture and grand structures, Tatsuo travelled the world in his youth to see and experience the many wonders and cultures of the world and visit, first hand some of the most impressive monuments to human design both past and present.
Back in Tokyo, he saw the contrasts and the colours, traditional and vivid modern technological, the gentle shade of a beach and the exciting lights of Tokyo and became determined to merge and express these contrasts together through the medium of colour: Specifically the unlimited palette offered by the modern and humble LED.

In charge of: Everything.
Considered Theme: The Innate Sensuality of Colour
Languages: Japanese, English.

Kishou Sai
Creative Designer

Sai’s early background in fashion followed by a solid design career covering both 2D and 3D aspects of modelling.
After moving to Japan, he brought his experience to bear, bringing character, logo and detailed design skills to the team.

In charge of: Creative aspects and materials acquisition.
Considered Theme: Fantasy as Natural
Languages: Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, English

Satoru Alex Oyokawa
Technical Designer

As the son of a politician who, three years ago embarked on an individual journey as a volunteer, Satoru has a unique outlook on the world. He brings critical decisive practicality to a “creative heavy” team and ensures the integration of appropriate technology and the desired image merge as seamlessly and smoothly as possible to create the futuristic and fantastic designs desired by T&C’s clients.

In charge of: Technical aspects and media content creation.
Considered Theme: Future Entertainment
Languages: Japanese, Korean, English

Chieko Uchiyama
Japan, Tokyo
Consulting Designer

Chieko is responsible for designing layouts, creating floor plans and drawing up the final blueprints. Her masterful designs combined with extensive experience are known to pull customers back time and time again. Her works include the Japan Food Court at Haneda Airport International Terminal and the layouts of various restaurants and shops therein.

In charge of: Layout and design aspects.
Considered Theme: Delicate Balance
Languages: Japanese, English

Nino Achilli
Effects Engineer

Nino brings a wealth of experience in creating fantastic visual and illumination effects from various fields into spacial design. His specialty, light mapping, brings inanimate everyday object to life in the most unexpected ways. Previous experience includes work at GaGa MILANO!

In charge of: Spacial lighting effects
Considered theme: ???
Languages: Japanese, Italian, Spanish, English

Craig Lloyd
UK, England
Engineer, Photographer

With over twenty years of computing experience in fields as varied as system integration and network admin, Craig handles IT, Online presence and client systems. He also advises on the latest technological developments and trends.
As a photographer he makes sure that none of the beauty created by T&C escapes unnoticed.

In charge of: Anything with a CPU.
Considered Aspects: Structural Beauty
Languages: English, Japanese.